Das EFX is an American hip-hop duo known for their unique and influential style, characterized by intricate rhyme patterns and a distinctive vocal delivery. The group was formed in 1991 and originally consisted of members Skoob (born William “Willie” Hines) and Dray (born Andre Weston). They gained widespread recognition with their debut album, “Dead Serious,” released in 1992.”Dead Serious” featured the hit single “They Want EFX,” which showcased Das EFX’s fast-paced, energetic flow and their use of the “iggedy” style, where they inserted “iggedy” and “iggity” sounds into their rhymes. This style set them apart in the hip-hop landscape of the early ’90s.Das EFX continued to release several more albums in the 1990s, including “Straight Up Sewaside” (1993), “Hold It Down” (1995), and “Generation EFX” (1998). While they may not have sustained the same level of mainstream success as their debut, they maintained a dedicated fan base and left a lasting impact on hip-hop with their innovative approach to rhyming and wordplay.

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