Rob Base

Rob Base is an American rapper known for his contributions to hip-hop music, particularly during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Rob Base, whose real name is Robert Ginyard, was born in Harlem, New York City. He began his music career as a DJ, spinning records at local parties and clubs in the New York City area. Rob Base gained widespread recognition with his collaboration with DJ E-Z Rock (Rodney “Skip” Bryce). Together, they released the iconic single “It Takes Two” in 1988. The song became a massive hit, blending hip-hop beats with catchy samples and energetic rap verses. “It Takes Two” achieved significant commercial success, reaching the top of the charts and becoming one of the most recognizable and enduring hip-hop anthems of the late 1980s. Its infectious beats and memorable lyrics cemented Rob Base’s place in the hip-hop hall of fame. Following the success of “It Takes Two,” Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock released their debut album of the same name in 1988. The album featured other tracks like “Joy and Pain” and “Get on the Dance Floor.” Their music was characterized by upbeat rhythms, catchy hooks, and party-friendly lyrics. Rob Base’s contribution to hip-hop music, particularly through “It Takes Two,” has had a lasting impact on the genre. The song remains a classic and is often cited as one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of all time. Its influence can be heard in subsequent generations of hip-hop artists and producers. While Rob Base continued to release music and perform live after the success of “It Takes Two,” he never quite replicated the massive success of his debut single. Nevertheless, he remains respected within the hip-hop community and continues to be celebrated for his contributions to the genre. Rob Base’s career is defined by his collaboration with DJ E-Z Rock and the timeless hit “It Takes Two.” His influence on hip-hop music, particularly during the late 1980s, is significant, and his contribution to the genre continues to be celebrated by fans and artists alike.

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