El Gran Combo

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, often referred to simply as El Gran Combo, is a renowned Puerto Rican salsa music ensemble. Formed in 1962, the group has become one of the most successful and enduring salsa bands in the world. Known for their energetic performances and danceable tunes, El Gran Combo has played a pivotal role in popularizing salsa music globally.

The group was founded by pianist and musical director Rafael Ithier. Over the years, they have released numerous albums, with many of their songs achieving chart success. Some of their well-known hits include “Me Dejó en el Aire,” “Brujería,” and “Timbalero.” El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico has received multiple awards and recognitions for their contributions to salsa music, and they continue to be influential in the Latin music scene. Their legacy extends beyond their home country, and they are celebrated for their enduring impact on the genre of salsa.

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