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    Chanté Moore

    Chanté Moore, born on February 17, 1967, is an American R&B and jazz singer, songwriter, and actress. With a career spanning several decades, Moore has made significant contributions to the contemporary R&B genre. She gained widespread recognition in the early 1990s with her debut album “Precious,” featuring hits like “Love’s Taken Over” and “It’s Alright.” Known for her soulful and versatile voice, Chanté Moore has continued to release albums, showcasing a range of musical styles that include R&B, jazz, and gospel. Over the years, she has collaborated with various artists, maintaining her presence in the evolving landscape of urban and adult contemporary music. Beyond her music career, Chanté Moore has ventured into acting, appearing in stage productions and television shows. Her enduring talent, engaging stage presence, and ability to blend various musical influences have solidified her status as a respected figure in the realms of R&B and soul.

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