Morris Day & The Time

Morris Day & The Time is an American band known for their unique blend of funk, R&B, and pop music. The band was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the late 1970s and gained prominence in the 1980s, particularly through their association with Prince and the Minneapolis music scene. The band was formed by Prince in 1981 as an outlet for his funk and R&B compositions. Morris Day, the lead vocalist, became the charismatic frontman of the group, known for his flamboyant personality and slick dance moves.

Morris Day & The Time’s music is characterized by funky basslines, infectious rhythms, and catchy melodies. Their sound was heavily influenced by the Minneapolis sound, a genre that emerged from the Minneapolis music scene in the 1980s.The band released several successful albums in the 1980s, including their self-titled debut album “The Time” (1981), “What Time Is It?” (1982), and “Ice Cream Castle” (1984). Some of their notable hits include “Jungle Love,” “The Bird,” “777-9311,” and “Jerk Out.”Morris Day & The Time gained further exposure through their appearances in Prince’s film “Purple Rain” (1984), where they performed some of their most memorable songs. They also appeared in other films and television shows during the 1980s.Morris Day & The Time’s music continues to be celebrated for its innovation and influence on the funk and R&B genres. Their energetic performances and dynamic stage presence have earned them a dedicated fan base over the years.Morris Day & The Time remain an iconic group in the history of funk and R&B music, and their contributions to the genre have left a lasting impact on popular music culture.

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