Ja Rule

Ja Rule is regarded as one of the most successful rappers ever in the U.S. He has a musical style that combines hard core rap with heavy metal and pop rhythms, thus creating music that is not just unique, but also has a universal appeal. The versatile singer has also appeared in several movies. Raised in a strict religious home by a single mother, Ja Rule struggled for years to find his own religious identity—he now calls himself spiritual but not religious. From a young age, music was all he wanted to pursue – he never ever considered any other career option. He began his music career with the pop group Cash Money Click but his dreams of making it big with the band was shattered when one of the band members went to prison. Not someone to give up, he strived harder and landed a chance to provide vocals for a single in Jay-Z’s album. The success of the single led him to release his own debut album ‘Venni Vetti Vecci’ which catapulted him to overnight rap stardom.

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