Sommore is a paragon of excellence when it comes to good entertainment. This Trenton New Jersey native is the ‘Original Queen of Comedy’. Her performances offer audiences a hilarious piercing look at today’s issues from woman’s perspective.
Sommore has emerged as one of America’s top comedic female performers. Oprah Winfrey dubbed Sommore as a force to reckoned with in the new Millennium. Sommore consistently provides her audiences across the country with entertaining comedic relief concerning the realities of everyday life. She tells her story the only way she knows how….. Straight up! With sharp wit and cunning sarcasm Sommore speaks about the things that most women only think about but never say.
This veteran of comedy has achieved many accolades and recognition for her quick wit. In 1995 she earned the Richard Pryor Award for Comic of the Year. As a result she was selected as the first female host of Black Entertainment Television (BET) Comic View. She hosted the show for an entire year which brought her into millions of homes daily.
In 2000 Sommore was selected to be a part of the highly successful The Kings & Queens of Comedy tour. The tour garnered Sommore a wider fan base and got her registered in Guinness Book of World Records as being the first female comedienne to perform before an audience of over 44000 people in Atlanta GA at the Georgia Dome; never has a female comedienne accomplished that.

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