James 'D-Train' Williams

James “D Train” Williams is a prominent American singer, songwriter, and performer known for his contributions to the R&B and dance music genres. He gained fame in the 1980s with his distinctive voice and energetic performances.Williams’ stage name “D Train” comes from his surname, and he adopted it during his early career. He rose to prominence with the release of his debut album, “Miracles of the Heart,” in 1986. The album featured the hit single “Misunderstanding,” which became a chart-topper and showcased his powerful vocals and dynamic style.Another one of D Train’s notable tracks is “You’re the One for Me,” released in 1981, which became a dance-floor anthem and a classic in the genre of post-disco and early dance music. The song’s infectious rhythm and Williams’ soulful delivery contributed to its enduring popularity.Throughout his career, James “D Train” Williams has continued to perform and record music, maintaining a dedicated fan base and earning respect within the music industry. His contributions to R&B and dance music have left a lasting legacy, influencing subsequent generations of artists and performers.

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