Kid Capri

Kid Capri is a DJ and rapper. The impact Kid Capri has had on the music industry, and will continue to have, is immeasurable. He has catapulted the status of being a DJ to an actual profession; he has also left his mark on the music industry as the first to ever appear on television as a DJ. There is a steadily increasing demand by many of the industrys top performers for Kids guidance and expertise. He is constantly touring and selling out shows. He eventually garnered widespread attention at Studio 54 and began selling his sets with his partner at the time Starchild. Kid Capri DJ’d for seven seasons of Def Comedy Jam. He’s also produced tracks for Boogie Down Productions, Heavy D, Big L, Grand Puba, and Quincy Jones. Kid Capri is also a legendary DJ member of the worldwide DJ organization, The Core DJ’s.

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