José Alberto 'El Canario'

Jose Alberto, also known as “El Canario,” is a highly respected salsa singer from the Dominican Republic. Born on December 22, 1958, in Villa Consuelo, Santo Domingo, José Alberto Justiniano, or “El Canario” (The Canary), has made significant contributions to the salsa genre throughout his career.Jose Alberto’s music is characterized by his powerful and versatile voice, which allows him to perform various styles within salsa, including son, bolero, and mambo. He began his career as a singer in various local orchestras in the Dominican Republic before moving to Puerto Rico in the 1970s to pursue his musical ambitions further.In Puerto Rico, Jose Alberto became a part of the salsa scene, working with several renowned bands and artists, including La Grande Orchestra Salsa and Típica 73. He eventually gained recognition as a solo artist, releasing successful albums that showcased his vocal prowess and musical creativity.Some of Jose Alberto’s most popular songs include “Discúlpeme Señora,” “Sueño Contigo,” and “A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy.” His smooth voice and charismatic stage presence have earned him a devoted following among salsa enthusiasts worldwide.Throughout his career, Jose Alberto has received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to Latin music. He continues to perform and record music, keeping the tradition of salsa alive while also incorporating contemporary elements into his sound.Jose Alberto’s enduring legacy in the salsa genre solidifies his status as one of the most influential and beloved figures in Latin music, earning him the nickname “El Canario” for his distinctive and melodious voice that captivates audiences wherever he performs.

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