Shirley Murdock

Shirley Murdock is an American R&B singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and heartfelt ballads. Shirley Murdock was born on May 22, 1957, in Toledo, Ohio. She grew up singing gospel music in church and developed her vocal talents from a young age. Murdock gained attention in the music industry through her collaboration with Roger Troutman and his band Zapp. She provided vocals for their hit single “Computer Love” in 1986, which became a chart-topping success. Murdock launched her solo career with the release of her debut album, “Shirley Murdock!” in 1986. The album featured her signature song “As We Lay,” a poignant ballad about infidelity and heartbreak, which became a major R&B hit and established Murdock as a solo artist. Following the success of her debut album, Murdock released several other albums throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, including “A Woman’s Point of View” (1988) and “Let There Be Love” (1991). She continued to deliver soulful performances and produce chart-topping hits like “Go On Without You” and “Husband.” Shirley Murdock’s music is characterized by her powerful vocals, emotional delivery, and heartfelt lyrics. Her songs often explore themes of love, relationships, and personal struggles, resonating with audiences who appreciate soulful and authentic music. Murdock’s contributions to R&B music have earned her recognition as one of the prominent female vocalists of her era. Her soul-stirring performances and timeless hits continue to be celebrated by fans of R&B and soul music. While Murdock’s commercial success waned in the late 1990s and 2000s, she continued to perform live and release music independently. Her influence on the R&B genre persists, and her classic hits remain cherished by fans of 1980s and 1990s R&B. In summary, Shirley Murdock’s career is defined by her soulful vocals, heartfelt ballads, and enduring impact on the R&B music landscape. Her contributions to the genre have left an indelible mark, and her music continues to touch the hearts of listeners around the world.

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