Cissy Houston

Cissy Houston, born Emily Drinkard on September 30, 1933, is an American gospel and soul singer, as well as a talented vocal coach. She gained prominence as a member of The Drinkard Singers, a gospel group, and later became a backup singer for various artists, including Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin. Cissy Houston’s vocal talents and versatile singing style led her to become a sought-after session and backup singer in the music industry. She is perhaps best known for her work with Elvis Presley and her impactful contributions as a backing vocalist on countless recordings.As the mother of the late Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston’s influence extends to the next generation of musical talent. She has also released solo gospel albums and earned accolades for her contributions to the genre. Cissy Houston remains a respected figure in the music industry, celebrated for her powerful voice and enduring impact on gospel and soul music.

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